Thursday, November 3, 2011

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is hair stick on his scalp and a very short haircut. A buzz cut can make the face look more defined. Buzz cut is low-maintenance. Hairstyles make handsome like a charm and it is interesting to girls.

Different Types Of Buzz Cuts

High and Tight haircut

A very popular cut among American Marines. Typically, the length on the sides and back is very short cut.

Burr Cut

This is type of buzz cut a very short haircut. It is popular in many of the military sectors.

Brush Cut

This hair cut conforms to the shape of the head. The top of the hair is not tapered and is cut to follow the curve of the head. This makes the hair stand straight up and look as the bristles of a brush.

Flat Top

A flat top is a modified version of the crew cut. The sides and back are cut very short and hair on the top are styled to stand up.The flat top dose not suit a person who has a round shape face or the round head.

Crew Cut

For the American way a crew cut, the hair is usually tapered in the back and on the sides considerably shorter than the top and is up to one inch long on the top

Hair style plays an important role for making your personality good attractive. So should cut hair Appropriate for themselves.


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