Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Afro Hair

Afro hair is hair that looks like a tree or a cloud. Hairstyle is curls and big hair. Which is characteristic of the African. And is the origin of the name. Typically, guests can do afro hair  by bending or the use of hair gel.

Hairstyle is identity of the Negro. Afro hair is a very popular type of natural hair, black hair that extends from the head of the radius. Their curly hair is long enough it will puff up and spongy nature. So you thought  would be bending hairstyle you want. The bending hairstyle, someone use small cores roll. But hair is still not dilated spongy as  the Negro. Afro hair is the technique of bending must pulverize but by roll into. This hair style is widely popular for both men and women as well as the present. The shape of the hair can vary depending on individual preferences. The afro hair is popular in popular culture for the creation of jokes. The jokes are often hidden in the hair.


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