Thursday, December 1, 2011

The tips and care of straight hairstyle.

Smooth straight hair add 
charm to young women, almost all. Most men like women who look at straight hair charm. Straight hair beautiful and fascinating when hair are healthy smooth slippery and lustrous.

The tips and care of straight hairstyle.

You should wash your hair  more often than curly hair girls. Shampoo every day I just need a good quality shampoo and gentle. And do not forget to anoint clarfying gel treatment hair follicle is  once a week. To prevent the accumulation of oil. The importance of women hairstyle straight forget do not have that. Hair treatment deeply as the steam bath spa hairstyle. So that hair is a fascinating and shiny.

Hairstyle straight and shiny  is what women have dream. If you have a hairstyle point fluffy would require a  revolution to now yourself. With maintenance hairstyle soft long and flowing and shiny and weigh use baby oil. Shampoo before the, then take baby oil is hot enough to boil. Then anoint the hair is dank  dry enough. From it use towel coat warm water then twist just dank cover hair leave it about 30 minute. Then shampooing as usual. This should be done once a week. That woman have hair is soft and flowing with not point fluffy weight of course.

Straight hairstyle have healthy good because take care of your hair if you love  hair as well.


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